Does CBD Make You Sleepy?

Cannabidol or CBD is derived from medical marijuana, having many medical properties. It is known for its anti-depressant, anti-inflammation, and anti-convulsing properties, but does CBD make you sleepy?

A lot of research has been carried out on CBD to assess its effects on sleep. According to tests and examination on patients of arthritis, it was found out that their sleep patterns improved considerably when they took cannabis-filled medications for their arthritis.

How Effective is CBD?

CBD is commonly known for reducing the pain, inflammation, and depression and is prescribed for people suffering from arthritis, joint pain, migraines and other diseases.

CBD is one of the main primary bioactive components of the Cannabis Sativa plant while the other is THC. Although THC is also a component of marijuana, yet it is often associated with giving a feeling of euphoria when ingested.

Unlike THC, CBD does not cause euphoria and is not addictive. That is why it is prescribed by doctors to their patients in case they are suffering from any pain in the body.

CBD for Sleep:

One of the most commonly asked questions by the patients using CBD dosages and oils is: does CBD make you sleepy?

The answer lies in the amount of CBD dosage that the person takes. It is true that CBD deals with anxiety and depression by reducing the anxiety, but its effects are different from the effects of THC.

While THC may cause the person to completely get euphoric, CBD does not make the person euphoric. Instead it calms the nerves of the person, reducing anxiety and depression.

CBD is effective for sleep because it is credited with such properties like reducing depression and anxiety, which are helpful in reducing sleep related difficulties and improving the quality of sleep.

Testing CBD for sleep

Some of the previous studies have been conducted on animals and humans to find out its effects on the sleep patterns. One of the main outcome of these studies was the result that the answer to the question “does CBD make you sleepy?” lies in the amount of dosage administered to the patient.

In the testing of CBD on animals, it was found out that doses of CBD in low range has a stimulating effect on them, meaning that in low doses, CBD makes the rats active and alert.

On the other hand, when this dosage was increased to higher doses (10-40 mg) it caused sleep in the animals. This is interesting as it was found out that the total percentage of sleep increased by a significant amount in the rats when their CBD dosage increased.

In fact, in a 2013 study on the effects of CBD dosage on sleep, it was observed that the rats which were given less dosage of CBD took a longer time falling asleep than the rats who were given high doses.

In the case of humans, similar observations were made. Some of the few studies on a small scale on active human volunteers who reported that larger doses of CBD a day (600 mg) caused them to sleep longer, with few periods of wakefulness in between.

On the other hand, even low doses of CBD (160 mg) caused these humans to fall asleep faster. They reported more time spent in sleeping in comparison to volunteers who complained of an inability to fall asleep.

Through the studies, it was found out that those people who had received CBD dosage slept better and for longer time than the people who were not administered CBD, with few periods of wakefulness. Also CBD dosage was reported to impact dream recall patterns, reducing the effect of “tiredness” the next day.

How does CBD induce sleep?

CBD dosage is effective for sleep as it is known to reduce anxiety and depression: two of the main things that keep people up from sleeping. CBD improves overall sleep patterns and reduce insomnia, targeting sleep difficulties and wakefulness.

According to research, CBD dosage has been effective in treating insomnia in people who previously had difficulties falling asleep.

CBD produces calming effects on the brain of the person using it. This is because CBD reacts with many different receptors in the brain, activating them.

These activated receptors cause changes in the neurotransmitters activity in the brain, which send “calming and soothing” signals to the brain. Through this interactions and activations of neurotransmitters in the brain, the sleep-wake cycles are affected and the person takes less time to fall asleep.

The Conclusion:

As we have seen, CBD is effective in causing sleep but there is one thing to be kept in mind: CBD dosage in low amounts stimulates activity and alertness in the brain while larger doses causes sleep. The answer to the often-asked question of “does CBD make you sleepy?” therefore, lies in the amount of CBD dosage—in low doses it is stimulating, in high doses it is sedating.

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