The 50 Shades Workout

Kristen James Presents The 50 Shapes Workout


As seen on Access Hollywood and The Katie Show – The 50 Shapes Workout! This workout will create stamina and strength for all areas of your life. Elite Fitness Trainer, Kristen James, has developed this workout to create long, limber muscles that will not only help you enhance your sex life, but your everyday.

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Product Description

A better body image leads to better sex! The 50 Shapes Workout will have your body, and mind, in the best shape of its life! You will gain greater overall strength, endurance, and stamina. Your body will be leaner and tighter, and you’ll develop the most important muscle of all for sex – your brain. Through this program you will create new Neural pathways by doing creative exercises and movement patterns. Use the 50 Shapes Workout and you’ll feel a boost in your self-esteem almost immediately! Just think…you’re 50 exercises closer to a better sex life!

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